About MBT

Mauritius Blog Tracker (MBT) has been founded in January 2006 by St├ęphane Lee as the new web 2.0 brainchild. MBT is an aggregator of digital content generated by Mauritians worldwide. It tracks blog posts, podcasts, videocasts and more. Our objective is to become the number one social media website on Mauritius and Mauritians. You can start reading on what matters to Mauritians are doing now and get a unique perspective of what we are.

The Mauritius Blog Tracker was also featured in L’Express newspaper. In 2009, after three years, we have designed the website for a better web 2.0 look and usability.

The contents including pictures, audios and videos are copyright of their respective owners. We can be reached by e-mail at info @ mauritiusblogtracker.com or @mauritiusblogs on Twitter.